Federal appeals court: 3rd travel ban violates law

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that President Donald Trump’s third travel ban violates the law, The Washington Post and UPI reported.

The judges said they would put their ruling on hold until the Supreme Court could consider the decisions. The Supreme Court has allowed the ban to take affect.

The 13 judges on the panel of the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, previously ruled 10-3 against an earlier iteration of the ban. During animated arguments earlier this month, several seemed to still have questions on whether the latest proclamation released in September would pass legal muster. But more than one of the judges took note of the fact that a majority of the Supreme Court recently allowed the entire ban to go into effect pending appeal, potentially signaling that the government might eventually prevail.

Travel ban 3.0 places varying levels of restrictions on foreign nationals from eight countries: Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia and Yemen.


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