Robber targets Riviera Jewelers, steals piece worth $500K

Estelle Maury received a frantic phone call from her husband on Monday, just seconds after he was robbed at gunpoint at the couple’s jewelry store in Coral Gables.

“(He said), ‘I've just been robbed with a gun. You have to come. Come back and call the police. I cannot call them,’” Estelle Maury said of the incident. “He was so traumatized.”

The crook posed as a customer, and first came to Riviera Jewelers last week, eyeing a wedding ring for his supposed fiancee. When the man returned Monday, co-owner Kristoff Maury felt comfortable letting him inside the store.

“He (came in) with a gun behind him in (a) plastic bag and (said), ‘Give me everything that you have or I'm going to shoot you -- and do it fast, fast, fast,’” Estelle Maury said.

The robber wore a business suit as he stole jewels from the well-known shop.

“The video shows a man enter, very well-dressed, (like) a costume, and holds a gun on my husband,” Estelle Maury said.

The man forced Kristoff Maury into the store’s safe and then helped himself to a piece of jewelry valued at $500,000 before targeting the display cases, grabbing anything and everything in sight.

The thief also tied up Kristoff Maury’s hands with tape and put him in a closet.
“We are cooperating with the police,” Kristoff Maury said.

The robbery served as a reminder to the husband and wife team, who hail from France, of the risk that their job brings.

“Here, we feel more safe than in Paris, so it was a little bit of shock for us,” Estelle Maury said.

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