Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez wins re-election

Hialeah voters have re-elected Mayor Carlos Hernandez to another term.

Hernandez mustered more than 11,000 votes -- more than 78 percent of the total votes cast -- Tuesday to win re-election. He told Local 10 News that he was "very, very happy with the outcome."

Hernandez was challenged by Juan Santana and Tania Garcia. 

Garcia, who was a previous candidate for City Council in 2015, was a distant second with slightly more than 2,300 votes.

Santana, who previously ran for mayor in 2013, picked up the fewest votes -- a little more than 5 percent.

Hernandez was fined by the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust in 2015 after finding that he violated knowingly made false statements to the public about interest income he earned from a private loan. He was later sued by the commission for trying to pay the $4,000 fine with 28 buckets filled with pennies and nickels.

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