Corrections officer accused of stealing prescription drugs from Key West officer

A Monroe County corrections deputy was arrested Wednesday after allegedly stealing prescription pills from a family friend while she was babysitting for him.

The victim the case is Key West police Officer David Kouri. 

Kouri called the deputies in the morning, and told them that Ashlie Hernandez, 27, had taken prescription medications while babysitting for him Monday night in his home, a media release said. 

Kouri said he knew how many pills were in the bottles because he had just filled the prescription and had not yet taken any of them.

He also told deputies that he counted the pills and found that some were missing, a media release said. 

As part of the investigation, Kouri called Hernandez to discuss the alleged theft, the release said. It was on that phone call that she told him that her boyfriend had taken the drugs.

She then told Kouri that she had some of the drugs and they agreed to meet in a parking lot of Key West police so she could return the pills.

The pair met at about 4 p.m. and soon after Hernandez handed over a plastic bag with the pills inside. Detectives stopped her and she admitted to taking the pills, a release said.

She was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and one count theft of a controlled substance. 

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