100 rescue dogs, cats from Puerto Rico pampered before being put up for adoption

Seventy-five rescue dogs and 25 rescue cats had a spa day Thursday – just a day after they were flown into Fort Lauderdale from Puerto Rico.

"This is actually the second group of animals that came from Save a Sato. Less than two weeks ago we took in 94 animals and they got adopted so quickly. We have just four kittens left from that group," Cherie Wachter of the Humane Society of Broward County, said.

The reason the animals are coming to South Florida is that Maria left the rescue organization's shelter without power and without a roof.

So the situation became dire.

"Prior to the storm, foster families took them into their homes so they could ride out the storm safely and then they were brought back to the shelter so they could find their forever homes," Wachter said.

Vet techs have been hard at work getting the animals ready for adoption, making sure they had all their vaccinations so animal lovers here can help the island from their own home.

"I definitely prefer to adopt, that is without a doubt, than going in a place to buy one," said  Millie Depaoni, who is planning to get a new pet Friday.

Depaoni brought her two children from school to look for another rescue dog for the family. They have had Sophie a year now and she says they are certain they will find the right fit from this pack of pups.

"I know this is going on in Puerto Rico and so we are trying to come back this weekend, " Depaoni said.

Wachter hopes others come out and adopt a new furry friends, too.

"I have to say one is cuter than the next," she said. "We hope that the South Florida community is going to open up their hearts and their homes to these animals and give them the homes they deserve."

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