Louisville fires Pitino ‘with just cause’

Despite Rick Pitino asserting he had no part in the activities alleged in an FBI corruption investigation, Louisville's athletic board voted Monday to terminate his contract "with just cause," according to The Associated Press.

Pitino's lawyers appeared in front of the University of Louisville Athletic Association to state their case against termination. While Pitino himself did not attend the meeting, his attorneys submitted an affidavit on his behalf, according to ESPN.

"I do not dispute ULAA's right to terminate my employment at its discretion," Pitino's affidavit stated. "But I vehemently reject its right to do so 'for cause.' I have given no 'cause' for termination of my contract."

The FBI's investigation alleged members of the team's basketball program used money from apparel sponsor Adidas to pay prospective recruits, but has not yet mentioned Pitino by name.

The basketball coach had been placed on unpaid administrative leave on Sept. 27 after word of the investigation broke. The board began the process to officially terminate Pitino for cause early this month.

Athletic director Tom Jurich was also placed on leave last month and the school suspended associate head coach Kenny Johnson and assistant coach Jordan Fair on Oct. 6.

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