Car drives through pedestrian-only walkway at Lincoln Road Mall

A cellphone camera captured video of a car driving through a pedestrian-friendly walkway at Lincoln Road Mall on Friday night.

Just a couple of months ago, barricades were placed on the easternmost and westernmost ends of the mall at Washington Avenue and Alton Road, but the smaller roads in between still have open access for pedestrians and cars.

A video shot on the Lincoln Road Mall just a couple of nights ago shows a gray car making its way down Lincoln Road Mall on an area specifically meant for pedestrians only. Onlookers said the driver was dropping off a stroller.

The video shows the car driving near the intersection at Meridian Avenue and slowing down at the spot where pedestrians cross the street.

A few months ago, the city took preemptive measures to try and prevent an attack similar to the one that took place in Barcelona, Spain, over the summer.

Cement barriers were placed on both ends of the mall, which the city surmised were the places a car would be able to pick up the most speed.

The city said it is trying to put up more barricades at the smaller roads in the next two to three years, but Commissioner Michael Grieco, who shared the video on Facebook, said that's not nearly fast enough.

"Candidly, we can't wait that long. Public safety should be the No. 1 concern of city government, in all city governments, and ours in particular," Grieco said. "We have a large Jewish community. We have a large gay community. We're a high-profile city. If someone wants to make a headline and make a point, this is one of the places to do it."

Local 10 News contacted the city manager on Monday afternoon, but he wasn't available to speak.

When we spoke to him in August, he talked about putting in poles or some other permanent option at smaller intersections as part of a bigger master plan in the next few years.

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