Miami Beach officers involved in crash, fatal shooting, police say

Officials are investigating a shooting and crash that involved two officers Sunday, police said.

The area remained an active scene Sunday night with several blocks near Collins Avenue and 12th Street closed.

Officials said a woman driving a black BMW sped through a red light at the intersection, struck another vehicle and struck a Miami Beach police officer as she attempted to leave the scene. Police said another officer fired at the woman, who was struck by at least one round.

Investigators are now looking into whether the other officer involved should've fired his gun.

"All of the sudden she like starts the car and runs over the policeman," a witness said.

Miguel Garcia shared a picture he said shows the officer moments after being struck by the driver. He said seconds later, shots were fired.

"Like four or five times," Garcia said. "Shots were fired by another Miami Beach officer, (which) struck the car and struck the female driver of the car."

Officers said the driver kept going and crashed into a white SUV on 12th Street and Collins Avenue.

Witnesses shared a picture with Local 10 News as they saw officers performing CPR on the woman.

Officials said the woman was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where she died.

The officer who was struck by the vehicle lost consciousness and was taken to an area hospital, but is expected to be OK.

The officer who fired shots is on administrative leave pending an investigation, something the department said is protocol.

In 2014, Miami Beach police changed its policy, prohibiting officers from shooting into moving vehicles unless "a person in the vehicle is immediately threatening the officer or another person with deadly force by means other than the vehicle."

Local 10 News reached out to the police chief about the policy and whether it still holds, but is still waiting on a response.

Officials said the Miami-Dade Police Department is investigating the officer-involved shooting, while the Miami Beach Police Department is investigating the crashes.

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