Mom says driver distracted with cell phone could have killed boy

Nine-year-old Ming Lin was in pain Saturday. A witness told police officers that a distracted driver on her phone was to blame for his suffering. Ming's mom, Lin Bilin, said he could have been killed. 

The sidewalk was wet on Wednesday morning. Ming was riding his bicycle to Davie Elementary School. He fell off his bicycle and was trying to get up when he was trapped under a moving 2002 Chevrolet Suburban.   

Michele Achon, 30, was behind the wheel of the SUV. She told police officers that she was driving away from the Lil' Rascals Academy at 6500 SW 39 St., in Davie when her SUV shook after she hit "like a bump."

"She is so lucky. I am lucky that I can see my son," Bilin said. "He is a lucky boy."

A witness saw her using her phone and thought she was calling 911, but when Achon didn't stop she followed her until she stopped at a red light. In her multitasking failure, Achon dragged Ming, his backpack and his bicycle for about 450 feet without noticing, police said. 

Achon stopped in horror. She said she never saw Ming. Another witness had a car jack and rushed to rescue him. His forearm and left hand were the only parts of his body that weren't trapped under the SUV.

Davie police officers said his helmet saved him from head injury. Paramedics rushed him to Memorial Regional Hospital. Bilin said two of his teeth were knocked out and he suffered severe road rash to his back, shoulder and leg. 

***GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Some may find this video disturbing***

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