Man accused of beating woman to death, hiding body in wall granted retrial

Ted Berger continues to live with the pain of losing his sister in 2004.

Julianne Berger, 43, was beaten to death before her killer wrapped  up her body, put it in a box and then concealed it in a wall inside her Hollywood apartment.

Julianne Berger’s killer ended up being her roommate, Charles Moninger, who was arrested in Daytona Beach and was convicted of second-degree murder after a trial. He even confessed to the slaying.

But the story didn’t end there.

The Florida State Attorney's Office announced that due to improper jury instruction Moninger will now get a new trial. For Ted Berger, the trial means reliving the loss.

"Anytime you have somebody murdered in a family, it's uprooting, it's disaster," he said. "It's not acceptable for what occurred, and it's not acceptable that we still have to live through this, to wait for a trial to occur. It's not acceptable."

The trail is set to take place in December and the Berger's family is concerned there could be a different result.

"I think anybody would be worried. Nobody in their right mind would want this person living next door to them," Ted Berger said. "It's been a roller coaster. Hopefully, we can bring justice to this and finally close it."

Lita Berger continues to grieve the loss of her daughter and thinks of her often.

"I was very close with my daughter," Lita Berger said. "I love her. She was so, so sweet and generous."

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