Cubans worry about tourism industry after recent setback in US-Cuba relations

Cubans who work in the tourism industry are concerned about what's to come after they endured Hurricane Irma and are now dealing with setbacks between the U.S. and Cuba.

Classic car drivers told Local 10 News reporter Hatzel Vela that business is bad enough right now because it's low season.

Damian Palmer, who has been working in the industry for two months, said there has been no tourism lately, especially after Hurricane Irma came through.

During high season, drivers are able to do five or six rides a day. These days, they're lucky if they get one. 

"The price is low," Palmer said. 

Palmer said drivers have had to lower their price from $50 a ride because they need the business.

Cuba has already been seeing a sluggish economy lately, and one of its biggest allies, Venezuela, has been helping less. 

Now, workers are dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane and a setback in U.S.-Cuba relations, including a travel warning, advising Americans not to go to Cuba in light of recent attacks on diplomats.

American tourism is limited these days, and most Cubans will say they rely heavily on those dollars. 

"Americans pay better," Manolo Lara said. 

Lara, who drives his brother's car, is always out on the streets trying to get clients.

He said the more tourism, the more money, not just for the drivers, but for the state. He said if the tourists aren't coming by planes, they are glad that some are still coming by cruise ships.

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