Brother of suspected Las Vegas gunman ‘dumbfounded’ by mass shooting

The brother of the suspected gunman behind Sunday's Las Vegas mass shooting said he has been trying to wrap his head around the shooting, saying he had no idea where the guns or his brother's actions came from.

Authorities said country music star Jason Aldean was on stage when his music began to get drowned out by the sound of gunfire.

Police identified the suspected lone shooter as Stephen Paddock, 64, who they said killed himself before he could be detained in his hotel room inside of the Mandalay Bay casino and hotel.

"He bought the machine guns and he did this. I mean, it was him who did this," the suspect's brother, Eric Paddock, said. 

Eric Paddock, who lives in Orlando, said no one in his family can understand why this happened.

"I hope someone finds out (and) figures it out, because we'd like to know," he said. 

Eric Paddock said he helped move his brother from a community in Melbourne, Florida to Nevada just about a year ago. He said while Stephen Paddock did legally own some guns, none were machine guns and he had no clue that his brother would ever be behind a mass shooting. 

"I mean, my brother did this. This is like he shot us. I mean, (like) if he had killed my kids. I couldn't be more dumbfounded," Eric Paddock said. 

Eric Paddock described the shooting as an asteroid falling out of the sky.

He said his brother was a multi-millionaire, retired accountant who managed their real estate and liked to gamble.

Police said a motive for the shooting remains unknown.

They said they've had no previous run-ins with Stephen Paddock and he had no criminal record. 

But his father, Benjamin Paddock, was once on the FBO's most wanted list and was arrested and charged for bank robbery. 

Eric Paddock said the two basically grew up not knowing their father, and that he had no reason to believe his brother was trying to gain similar notoriety. 

Now, their entire family is searching for closure and hoping the investigation can find a motive. 

"My 90-year-old mother's son is the biggest mass-murderer in the history of the United States now, and she doesn't understand why," Eric Paddock said. 



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