Florida couple passes out in hotel room with toddler, overflowing bathtub

A Florida couple was arrested this week after they were found passed out in a hotel room with a toddler and an overflowing bathtub, police said.

Casey Lynn Shaffer, 19, of Fort Pierce, and Dontae Jean, 24, of Orlando, were arrested Wednesday on drug charges.

The manager of a Holiday Inn in Port St. Lucie called police after finding Shaffer and Jean passed out in their fourth-floor hotel room. He received a complaint from guests in the room below that water was seeping into their room from above.

After the manager knocked on the door and got no response, he used a master key to get inside and found the couple passed out with a 3-year-old who was also asleep. The bathroom tub faucet was also on, and water was overflowing.

The manager called police after he couldn't awaken the sleeping couple.

Sgt. Frank Sabol said police arrived and eventually got Shaffer and Jean to wake up. He said officers found three plastic bags that contained marijuana, heroin and Clonazepam in the room.

Sabol said Shaffer and Jean were booked into jail. The boy was turned over to a family member.

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