Woman demands answers after father is killed in crash involving Miami police officer

Ramon Bueno died in a crash on the  eve of Father’s Day. 

He was 71.

Bueno was driving near Southwest Seventh Street and 12th Avenue in Little Havana when his Honda was hit by a Miami police cruiser heading to an emergency call.

The officer survived the crash, so was the driver of an Audi that the cruiser spun into.

"It's not like I want anybody to go jail, but I need some answers. What happened? The city camera? I mean it's very frustrating," Daimy Bueno said.

Miami police said they still haven't finished the investigation of the crash.

According to an initial accident report an investigator wrote Ramon Bueno had a green light when he drove into the intersection and the police officer, entered on a solid red at an estimated 50 mph.

The investigator wrote the officer was using his lights and siren at the time of the crash; however Daimy Bueno said she wants more proof.

A video obtained by Local 10 News shows the cruiser come to rest without the light bar on.

"I hope that they do their job," Daimy Bueno said, adding that she’s she is now left to care for her mother, mourn her father and wait for answers.

"The police are not above the law. No one is above the law. If someone made a mistake, they have to pay for it," she said. 

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