Volunteers rush to get aid to Puerto Rico; private sector steps in to help

Some aid groups in South Florida are so overwhelmed with donations after Hurricane Maria they've stopped collecting aid.

"A lot of people are trying to help but they're actually flooding the port and that's why they'd had to stop," Rey Feliciano, a volunteer with Hecny Inc., said.

Volunteers at a Doral warehouse are not turning away donations, but they're shifting their focus to make sure the help gets not just to the Caribbean island - - but to the hands of the people.

"So what we're doing right now is that we're consolidating everything through one collective effort," Feliciano said.

A lot of supplies have made their way to the ravaged U.S. territory thanks to the private sector.

"I believe we have in the neighborhood of 26,000 pounds," Barbara Webster, who works with Spirit Airlines, said.

Spirit Airlines employees loaded a flight Thursday with aid headed to Puerto Rico.

The reason this is such a big deal, is that all of these donations are headed to Aquadilla on the west side of the island . Most of the aid that's reached the island so far right now stuck in San Juan.

The plane is stocked with bottled water, and 200 people will be evacuated from Aguadilla and brought  to Florida free of charge after it’s unloaded.

The need for help is so extreme that many people are evacuating to Miami. 

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is visiting the island and offering his help.  Donald Trump is planning to visit the island next week.

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