Shell Lumber helps Shake-A-Leg Foundation rebuild after Hurricane Irma

Folks with the Shake-A-Leg Foundation are hard at work rebuilding what Hurricane Irma took away. 

The nonprofit has teamed up with Shell Lumber to teach an important lesson in sweat equity. 

"There's about 10 kids with developmental disabilities that spend the whole year here and so, they all learn how to sail and paddle and work in this environment. So, now they're learning how to participate in a hurricane recovery process," Harry Horgan said.  

Horgan sailed into South Florida in the 1990s and founded Shake-A-Leg to offer rehab and educational programs at sea for the disadvantaged and their families. 

But the group's great work has been put on hold after its specially designed dock was wiped out and 13 of its boats were damaged in the storm. 

"We're really encouraged and inspired by the support that we've been receiving from all our members in the community -- both volunteering and contributions to help us rebuild," Horgan said.  

Shell Lumber in Miami stepped up Thursday, donating supplies and time to help the disadvantaged give back.   

The boats on loan to the organization will soon be replaced by wooden ones that will be put together over the next couple of days. 

"The boats had been wrecked in the mangroves, and they needed to be brought out and put on stands, so they can be repaired. Woods, stand -- that's kind of up our alley, so that's how we got involved," Shell Lumber executive director John Ruark said.  

The organization hopes to get a temporary dock in place in time for a special date in Horgan's life. 

"It was 1990 that we launched the program for boats for Columbus Day, so if we can have four boats in the water for the regatta, we're going to be really proud," he said.  

Slowly but surely, Shake-A-Leg is making progress. 

Click here if you would like to donate to the foundation’s efforts to rebuild.

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