Royal Buffet locks customers inside after Local 10 News arrives to question violations

In 2016, an inspector found 110 violations at the China Buffet – the most found that year in the state.

Since then, the buffet has changed owners and names -- it’s called the Royal Buffet now -- but it appears the same problems still exist as it was ordered shut, again.

When staffers at Royal Buffet saw the dirty dining camera approaching, they locked the front door.

Several customers wanted to leave.

"She's not letting the customers out. Isn't that like a hostage situation? All these customers want to come out," a customer said.

The frustration was clearly seen on their faces.

One man unlocked the door, but an employee locked it again.

Eventually, they are allowed to leave. While at the Royal Buffet, located at 11000 Bird Road, inspectors found 47 violations.

The inspector was initially called to the restaurant after getting a complaint.

The inspector saw a live rodent under the sushi bar prep area, and records show close to 450 rodent droppings were found below a rice cooker, under a cook line, in front of the dishwashing area, under a sushi bar, in the prep area and on shelves.

There was an objectionable odor in the  kitchen, and crab, chicken and shrimp salad were all stored at improper temperatures. 

A staff member placed an apron over the back screen door when Local 10 News arrived at the restaurant and refused to answer questions.

The Royal Buffet was allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.

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