People in Puerto Rico continue to wait for help

Lucy Rosenberger is angry and frustrated at the lack of help Puerto Rico has gotten a week after Hurricane Maria unleashed her fury on the island.

"These people really need the help and they’re not getting it," she said. "We can't get on a plane to help them. There's no way to help them. I don’t know anything about my parents and I can’t get to them."

 Thousands are in shelters in Puerto Rico and there is no power or fuel.

Food supplies are running low and half of the island has no running water. Help has begun to arrive.

A military plane carrying 3,500 pounds of relief supplies landed in San Juan from Miami on Wednesday morning.

South Florida warehouses are packed with donations bound for Puerto Rico but actually getting the items there is a challenge.

And now, FEMA is under fire.

Only U.S. ships are allowed into the port, but if President Donald Trump lifts the Jones Act, like he did for Florida and Texas after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, it would allow foreign ships to join in and bring relief supplies.

But the president has yet to do so because the U.S. shipping industry opposes the waiver.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello isn’t having it.

"During Harvey, we sent out resources to Texas as well so that they help in the rescue process," he said. "Now it is time to take a quick decision and help out Puerto Rico."

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