Fort Lauderdale sportswear store owner learns of looting on Local 10 News

Video only seen on Local 10 News showed looters ransacking a Fort Lauderdale Simon's Sportswear as Hurricane Irma swept through the area.

That's how the owner, Ilan Shimon, found out about it.

"I was at home and I was amazed to see the looting of the store," Shimon said.

Looters were going through a broken window, stealing whatever merchandise they could find.

"Everything was removed," Shimon said. "We had a lot of clothes here. You see the mannequin? There's not even one piece of clothes left. They even took the safe."

Shimon's head of security, Serge Sidon, captured the aftermath on cellphone video.

"There's no more. Its done," Sidon said on the cellphone video. "Everything is completely gone, guys."

"The store was devastated and I couldn't believe my eyes," he said later.

Following that looting, nine people were arrested -- six adults seen on video and three minors.

Fort Lauderdale store wasn't the only one hit. Eight out of the 29 that he owns were looted.

Surveillance video also caught a large group breaking into his store in Liberty City. The looters actually entered the store through a neighboring business and broke down the wall in the process.

Despite losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, management said they will be back stronger than ever.

"Our main focus right now is to stick together as a family, pull through on this and just start getting our stores back in order," the vice president of operations, Yair Rivero, said.

About $250,000 worth of merchandise was stolen inside one store alone.

They are still trying to figure out how much was taken from the other stores.Management said they will now have two security guards at all stores at all times.

The owner hopes to have the Fort Lauderdale store open by Friday. 

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