There is no electricity in areas of South Miami-Dade, and won’t be for days

Six days after Hurricane Irma, some Miami-Dade County residents will still have to endure a few more days without air conditioning.

Florida Power & Light promised they are doing their best to restore electricity in most of Miami-Dade County by Sunday night and in areas of South Miami-Dade County by Tuesday night. 

FPL blamed the delays on the large fallen trees and wanted the cities to remove them. The cities in turn wanted the better trained FPL crews to face the danger of electrocution. 

"There are so many of these downed trees that the access is blocked and we can't get in," FPL spokesman Rob Gould said. 

Coral Gables city attorney Craig Leen sent a cease-and-desist letter to FPL threatening to fine them. Pinecrest Mayor Joseph Corradino had the city attorneys look into taking legal action against FPL for the delay. 

"Trees have fallen on wires. Trees have fallen on transformers. They wanted us to cut the trees and we are not going to do that," Coral Gables Mayor Raúl Valdés-Fauli said. "We don't want to touch those trees, because we don't want to electrocute city employees."

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