Florida evacuee wins $10,000 lottery in North Carolina

Evacuating from Hurricane Irma paid off big time for one Florida woman.

Tiffany Hatfield and her three daughters left their home in Ocoee on Friday to head to a friend's home in Virginia to avoid Irma's wrath.

While stopped at a North Carolina convenience store, Hatfield bought two $5 scratch-off tickets.

Lo and behold, when Hatfield checked out one of her tickets, it said she had won $10,000.

The Daily Mail reports Hatfield was not even planning to leave, but her husband, currently stationed in Hawaii with the U.S. Navy, urged her to evacuate.

Hatfield stopped by the North Carolina lottery office on her way home to Florida and accepted her winning check.

As far as her home, ABC News says Hatfield's house sustained only minor damage.

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