Dealer faces fines after parking fleet in spots reserved for residents during Irma

The owner of a South Florida used car dealership is now facing $12,000 in fines and could face jail time following a Local 10 News investigation.

As Local 10 News first reported Friday night, several Hollywood residents were turned away from the downtown parking garage because a used car dealer had parked his fleet in spots reserved for residents during the storm.

Local 10 News investigator Jeff Weinsier went to the dealership Wednesday to see if there was an explanation.

"I'm Jeff Weinsier at Local 10 News. I wanted to talk to you about the cars that you parked in the garage in Hollywood, Weinsier said.

"The owner is not here. You need to get off the property," a man said.
"Is there anyone who can talk to us?" Weinsier asked.

"No," the man said.

He claims not to be the owner of Autoline on Federal Highway in Hallandale Beach, but he was moving cars around the lot and giving orders to employees.

The city of Hollywood said during Irma, the dealership parked its fleet in a city garage, which is reserved for residents to park in to protect their cars during the storm.

Local 10 News counted 47 cars -- all had no tags and many had warranty stickers on them, taking up residents' spaces, and they weren't happy that they were turned away.

"I wouldn't be surprised. I'd be pissed, to be honest with you," one person said.

"I don't think it is fair to everyone else," another person said. "I don't know how they got in here."

"This is unfair to the rest of the public that actually need it," said another person.

"The owner is not here," the man said.

"You're not Mr. Killo?" Weinsier asked.

"No," the man said.

"Who decided to park the cars there?" Weinsier asked.

"No one. There is no comment," the man said.

"Do you feel sorry for the residents that were kicked out?" Weinsier asked.

"Sir, you have to leave the property," the man said.

"No comment at all?" Weinsier asked.

"You have to talk to your lawyer?" the man said.

"Who is your lawyer?" Weinsier asked.

The city of Hollywood basically issued the dealer's owner 24 separate notices to appear -- that's a form of arrest.

The city said Autoline violated a city ordinance that prohibits the use of public property for private business. The fines are $12,000 and the owner could face 60 days in jail.

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