110 patients evacuated from N. Miami Beach assisted living facility with no power

An assisted living facility with no power in North Miami Beach is being evacuated, hours after eight people died at a Hollywood Hills nursing home.

Sky 10 was over the Krystal Bay Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as 110 patients were being removed from the building and driven by a fleet of buses to 13 other facilities and hospitals with power.

Eyewitnesses on the scene described miserable conditions inside the center.

"It is insufferable," said North Miami Beach Commissioner Barbara Kramer. "It's heat that is unbearable, it's unbearable for young people, so you can just imagine what it's like for people who are not feeling well."

The manager of the facility called 911 when he started to see signs of distress in patients. There are no reported injuries and the residents remain in good health.

Police said one of Krystal Bay's two generators had failed and the other was not working properly.

"They are going to be mobilized to other facilities like theirs -- nursing home facilities and some hospitals -- whoever has room," Kramer said. "This manager has connections, and he made it happen for these residents, and we're very proud to have this facility in our city." 

The City of North Miami Beach is assisting with the evacuation by offering city trolleys and other vehicles.

"We have mobilized our parks and recreation trucks, our vehicles, our vans, police vehicles, trolleys; whatever it takes to save lives," said North Miami Beach City Manager Ana Garcia.

The Krystal facility at 16650 West Dixie Highway has yet to have power returned since the fringe of Hurricane Irma struck South Florida on Sunday.

The evacuation came the same day eight elderly residents died at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills early this morning.

"In light of what happened in Hollywood, the tragedy that happened in Hollywood under our watch was not going to happen in North Miami Beach," said Garcia.

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