Horses find shelter from Hurricane Irma

There is a huge equestrian community in South Florida, including one right in Southwest Ranches.

At Circle S Farms there are dozens of horses on property that they are taking care of during Hurricane Irma.

The facility is taking in horses from people who may need a safe spot for their animal during the storm.  

"We are doing what we can to accommodate any phone calls that we possibly get," Celica Scarlet said. “We have picked up two weeks supply of feed to be prepared and anybody who is coming with their horses is also asked to bring that.”

She added that they do have plenty of water for the animals.

There are some horse owners who believe it’s safe to put their horse out during a storm, Scarlet said that’s a mistake.

"There are way too many unpredictable moments if they are out," Scarlet said.

In case a horse does get away, Scarlet suggests writing your number on the animal, or braiding a surgical marker on the horse’s tail.  Which is what Scarlet said is done at Circle S Farms.

She also suggests that people not leave halters on horses and that horse owners should take care of horses, then themselves. 

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