Some stores open early as people rush to stock up on water, non-perishable items

Some stores in South Florida opened up early Wednesday as people prepare for Hurricane Irma.

"I picked up bottled water and bread, and I have plenty of bottled water at the house, soup, peanut butter -- and I'm on my way out to go to work," one customer said.

The morning routine has included an added stop to the grocery store for many South Floridians this week.

Residents lined up early Wednesday before the sun came up and before stores were scheduled to open.

A Publix in Hollywood was among the stores to let customers in early and it was a mad dash to grab cases of water.

"It's been challenging," Joy McGaughy said. "I was up this morning, went to Home Depot. Home Depot had no water, then we had to hustle and bustle, my trainer, then we came over here and, success, we got water."

A total of seven palettes were emptied and sold in minutes.

"I saw you on TV early this morning so I came straight here and got water for my nephew and his family," Maria Ballacchino said.

In addition to water, stores are stocking up on produce, bread, ice and other items that can be helpful when a storm hits.

And lifelong Floridians are offering some advice ahead of the storm.

"I think our attitude is most important -- how we just stay kind to each other, like this gentleman shared a case of water with me, and just be kind to each other and we'll all get through this together," Maria Fahmie said.

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