Business as usual at South Florida gas stations as Irma draws near

While South Florida residents rush to stores for supplies ahead of a possible strike from Hurricane Irma, things are business as usual at local gas stations.

Most stations say they have yet to see a surge in traffic due to people wanting to fill up before a storm.

In fact, most people are simply getting gas because they need it, not for Irma-related reasons.

"There's gas, there's propane, there's water," said Rhisa Johnson, an employee at the Mobile station in West Park. "So I guess we're ready."

One thing drivers may not be ready for are higher gas prices. The average price of gas has gone up 12 cents in the last two weeks due to fuel refineries being disabled by Hurricane Harvey.

The average price at the pump in Miami and Fort Lauderdale now stands at $2.69 per gallon, five cents above the Florida average.

So avoiding the lines and filling up early could could save you a few bucks.

"Come out ahead of time, you know how it is in Florida!" remarked Johnson.

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