Investigators believe horse was going to be butchered for its meat

Animal Recovery Mission investigators responded to reports of horse abuse Saturday afternoon. 

ARM investigator Richard "Kudo" Couto said he suspected there was evidence that a horse was likely going to be illegally slaughtered. 

Gruesome photos showed a horse after someone dragged the animal down a dirt road "to be butchered for its meat," Couto wrote on Facebook. 

There is a demand for horse meat in South Florida, where there is a community of immigrants from countries like Mexico and Cuba where the killing of horses for consumption is not illegal or taboo. 

In the black market, Miami-Dade detectives believe horse meat is sold for about $7 a pound at illegal slaughterhouses. 

Late last year, Miami-Dade prosecutors charged Manuel Coto-Martinez, 70, with unlawful sale of horse meat, after an undercover detective bought 20 punds of horse meet from him for $140. 

Local 10 News' Nicole Alvarez contributed to this report. 

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