Have you seen this boy? Detectives are worried about him

Lacole Michelle Enich has been getting arrested for prostitution since 2003. Court records also show she has been charged with battery twice.

For about two days, Miami-Dade County police officers have been searching for her and her 8-year-old biological son. Detective Argemis Colome said Enich, 32, lost her parental rights.

This is "why we are working to recover him," Colome said. 

In Florida, courts can terminate parental rights when the parent-child relationship threatens the health and safety of the child. It's a process that takes time and gives parents opportunities to rehabilitate. 

Colome said Enich picked up Jaylen from Partners Park in Miami's Brownsville neighborhood. He was wearing his yellow and orange football jersey and black football pants.

Detectives from the special victims bureau were concerned about his safety and were distributing a missing person flyer. They were asking the public for help and anyone with information to call the special victims bureau at 305-418-7200 or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.



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