After torture and rape, man threatens to burn and kill woman, deputies say

A 28-year-old mom's refusal to show Jorge Moreno her phone turned into a four-hour nightmare Thursday. The woman told deputies she was raped and tortured at the Amara Cay Resort. 

The woman told Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputies that Moreno, 34, held a towel over her face and ran water over the towel, so she could feel like she was drowning. He poured tequila over her and didn't set her on fire, because he couldn't find a lighter, she said.

Once out of the hotel, she said Moreno threatened to push her off the Card Sound Bridge, kill her child and parents. A Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer rescued the woman in Plantation Key.

Deputies arrested him and prosecutors found enough evidence to charge Moreno with four felony counts of attempted murder, false imprisonment, sexual battery and battery. Moreno was in Monroe County jail and was being held without bond. 

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