Man killed during tenant-land lord dispute, deputies say

Ryan Wilder was in Monroe County jail Saturday accused of killing his parents' tenant in Duck Key. 

Deputies said Wilder, 32, was evicting Kenneth Palicki and Colleen Lyons from his parent's property at 162 North Indies Drive when the shooting happened Friday evening. 

Wilder was removing their things when Palicki, 47, got home and told Lyons, 25, to call the police. During the 911 call, Lyons said Wilder shot Palicki several times.

"Lyons then saw Wilder walk out to his truck, gun still in his hand and get in," said Deputy Becky Herrin, a spokesperson for the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. "She gave dispatchers a description of the truck and its direction of travel as Wilder drove away."

Sgt. Joel Slough stopped Wilder and arrested him. Fire Rescue took Palicki to Fisherman's Hospital in Marathon, where doctors pronounced him dead. He had four gunshot wounds to his left forearm, mid-back and upper thigh.

Palicki and Lyons had received an eviction notice requiring to leave the house by Aug. 23. 

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