US To Expand Global Drone War To Philippines

An MQ 9 Reaper drone. A new poll shows most Americans support U.S. drone strikes on American citizens. (Photo: USAF)

An MQ 9 Reaper drone. (Photo: USAF)

Pentagon officials say a discussion is ongoing about the possibility of granting US forces in the Philippine authority to conduct airstrikes against the nation’s ISIS affiliate, and that the announcement and naming of the new operation could happen within the next 24 hours.

ISIS affiliates have been active in the southern Philippines in recent months, seizing the city of Marawi and leading to a protracted battle with the Philippine military, which the US has been participating in a limited role.

The US is always keen for deeper military involvement in the Philippines, especially as President Duterte was until very recently talking about his interest in getting the US military out of his country entirely.

This could be just the pretext to get the U.S. dug in even deeper.

Duterte had been courting ties with Russia and China, but now seems to be committed to the U.S., greeting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson by declaring himself to be America’s “humble friend in Southeast Asia.”



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