Maduro’s new weapon: Venezuela’s Truth, Justice and Reparations Commission

After setting up a new all-powerful legislative body, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro will get a new tribunal that will have the power to send anyone who defies him to prison. 

The socialists were referring to the new tribunal as Truth, Justice and Reparations Commission. But the Venezuelan Democrats, who oppose Maduro and control parliament, believe the tribunal set up on Saturday will be used to persecute them. 

"We are asking of the Justice and Truth Commission that anyone who has acted against the fatherland be stripped of public duties," said Diosdado Cabello, Venezuela's ruling party chief and longtime ally of Maduro. 

Maduro's constituent assembly, the new legislative body that will oversee the tribunal, met Tuesday and declared that the Venezuelan members of parliament will not have the power to interfere with their work. 

After voters elected the members of parliament in 2015, Maduro used the Supreme Court to diminish their legislative power. This week he was getting ready to use the tribunal to get rid of the constitutional immunity that protects them. 

"We must investigate those who have been calling for violence and now want to run for governor," Cabello said referring to the Dec. 10 regional elections. 

Delcy Rodriguez, the president of the new constituent assembly, will preside over the commission. Rodriguez stepped down as Venezuela's foreign minister in June. 

"I swear to defend the homeland from the imperial aggression and the fascist right wing that has spread its hate and intolerance against the country," Rodriguez said during her appointment. She also sent a message to Maduro's opponents: "Justice will come to them."

During his weekly Sunday address, Maduro said that the commission was setting up an office at the Ministry of Foreign Relations. He also threatened Julio Borges, the president of parliament. 

"Justice is coming for you," Maduro said. 


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