Massive beehive worries Pollo Tropical customers, employees in Weston

A massive beehive in Weston is leaving many people concerned since it is very close to a popular restaurant.

"I wouldn't have even known it was in there. I would've just walked right by without knowing," Miranda Loggans said.

The growing hive, which is full of honeybees, is a not-so-sweet a site for Loggans and her 9-year-old daughter.

"That's scary if there's kids and stuff around, and people that are allergic to it. They should probably get someone out to take it down," Loggans said. 

Managers at the Pollo Tropical restaurant said they have scheduled a professional to remove the hive after noticing the many bees hovering way too close for comfort while doling out drive-thru orders.

Just a few steps away, on the other side of the large hive, there is a Mobil gas station, where people are now taking note of the issue.

"Don't mess with them. Don't throw stuff at it," Fabian Loggans said. "I feel like most of the time when people get bit by hives, it's their own fault, so just use common sense, basically."

"It's something to take care of immediately and not to wait, in my own personal opinion," Gloria Torres said. "It doesn't scare me, but I know some people are afraid of it."

The beehive has not caused any problems so far, people in the area said. But that doesn't stop them from worrying.

"There are probably hundreds in there," Miranda Loggans said.

Celina Placensio, a district manager for the chain, released a statement that said: "Guest and employee safety come first. When we noticed the bee hive in a tree near the drive-thru yesterday, we contacted our pest control partner to inspect the issue and recommend next steps for safe removal. We look to have it resolved by tomorrow."



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