Woman seeks answers after pet cat mauled to death by dog

A graphic video has become a crucial piece of evidence after a dog mauled a cat to death on Sunday in the Venetian Islands neighborhood.

"He loved music. He would sit with my son and listen to piano. He was such a music lover and so funny," Barbara Leibell said about her cat Jaguar. "He came from a litter of kittens that were all adopted except for two black cats."

Jaguar was playing outside when he encountered the dog that killed him.

A video of the incident shows a light brown dog biting the black cat.

"I was in the house. I didn't hear anything and then my husband come home and saw police cars. My neighbor called police when the dog owner walked away and saw jaguar dead and ripped to shreds on the sidewalk," Leibell said.

Miami Beach police is now investigating Jaguar’s death.

Meanwhile, Leibell and her family are turning to their eight other cats for comfort.

"My husband is having nightmares overseeing the video and seeing Jaguar on the sidewalk," she said.

Leibell is a University of Miami professor and self-proclaimed cat lover.

She has made it her mission to rescue stray cats on the Venetian Islands and is known to take in stray cats, get them fixed and then help them find a loving home.

Leibell also an animal advocate, fighting for animal rights in South Florida. 

She said she considered Jaguar a community cat, describing him as well-liked by her neighbors and also known to get along with all animals, including cats and dogs.

Leibell said she wants the owner of the dog to come forward. That owner could face charges in this case.

"She needs to come forward, do the right thing and be held accountable for what happened to the cat and keep the dog under control and safe," Leibell said.


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