Transcription – A Poem

By Ramona Wadi

the potent permanence of frenzied excavation
in remnants of spaces between sand and stone

I pause at intonations framed against books
unrivalled eloquence festering behind screens

glass stained in blue
an essence of sky

reflecting the voice that paints my canvas
with slivers of Palestine
bloodied, disheveled, triumphant

a vibrating transcendence
between a wandering mind
and motionless terrain
embracing a common destination
erupting within the petals
of a crushed carnation,
an inconspicuous blossom
nestling between graves, articulated
away from the putrid presence
of a butterfly’s paralyzed wings

Palestine and its narrator
multiplying recollections
in displaced decades designating
a voice marking history’s chapters
with ephemeral embers emanating
an elusive despair, tarnished
by a remembrance of graves
beyond transient chapters

scribbled by thoughts
seeking a common metaphor
for indigenous land
in a mutual closing of eyes

– Ramona Wadi is an accomplished writer and an artist. She contributed this article to

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