State inspector forced to use umbrella during walkthrough of Checkers

A state inspector recently needed an umbrella to properly inspect a Checkers in Miami-Dade County.

Local 10 News reporter Jeff Weinsier went to the location to talk to someone about the food contamination issues that were found during that inspection.

"I have nothing to say," an employee said once confronted by Weinsier.

That Checkers is located at Miller Drive and Southwest 137th Avenue.

During the inspection the kitchen was ordered shut, and among the 15 violations that were found were “food contaminated by leaking water from the ceiling due to the heavy rain,” the inspection report said.

A stop sale was ordered on cheese, onions, tartar sauce and mayo because of the water that was dripping on them from above.

"It was raining and dripping on the food?" Weinsier asked.

"We closed, that is why we closed," an employee said.

"Were you serving people food with the rainwater dripping on the food?" Weinsier asked.

"We close," the employee said.

It wasn't only the rain water that caused the fast food restaurant to close down.

The inspection report said that chicken wings, fish, chili, hot dogs, cheese and sauces were all kept out of temperature.

"Everything is fixed," the employee said.

"Everything is fixed?" Weinsier asked. 

"Yes," the employee said.

Last week an inspector showed up at Chong's Chinese at 1164 West Flagler Street based on a complaint, and 30 violations were found.

When Weinsier arrived at the restaurant, he was met by an angry waiter who told him, in Spanish, that what Weinsier was doing was illegal and threatened to call police.

"You can call the police all you want, but how about worrying about what the inspection said," Weinsier said.

Roaches were spotted in several spots in this kitchen and  tracking power pesticide was found around the entire kitchen floor.

Ham, turkey, shrimp, pork and beef were kept out of temperature and food was not stored at least 6 inches from the floor.

"We just saw these in the kitchen here with food in them, and now they are outside on the ground," Weinsier said.

"You can't," an employee said, motioning to the camera. "Please."

No one there wanted to talk about the violations and conditions found.

Both places mentioned were allowed to reopen and serve you following an ordered cleanup and renspection.

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