Palmetto Bay councilman gets in fight at Gilbert’s Resort in Key Largo

Police bodycam footage shows Palmetto Bay Councilman David Singer explaining to police why he and his son got into a fight with a crowd of patrons July 15 at Gilbert's Resort in Key Largo.

"So did he pushed you first?" an officer asked Singer.

"Yeah. He hit me first," Singer said while holding a drink. "Yeah, I got sucker-punched first."

"Where did he hit you?" the officer asked.

"In the mouth," Singer said.

The police officer asked Singer to explain what happened and the councilman responded, "So they're talking (expletive). They're talking (expletive) while we are trying to pull the boat in, because they wouldn't let us dock, right? All the kids are (expletive) jumping in there and the parents are like, '(expletive) you!' So I'm going to a dock space. Let us pull in."

Singer said he was forced to dock his boat in another location and then confronted the group when he got to land.

"I say, 'You want to sit there and talk (expletive) to me? Talk (expletive) here while I'm here on the dock.' The next thing I know, I'm getting sucker-punched," he said.

Witnesses said it was an all-out melee, and something Singer's son couldn't stand to watch.

"All I see is him punched in the face," he said. "There's 10 of them on two of us."

A woman, who described herself as an off-duty Coral Gables police officer, claimed that Singer grabbed her husband by the neck before he was punched.

Coral Gables police are disputing the woman's claim that she's an officer with their department. 

The department's spokesman, Sgt. Tomas Salcedo, said that the woman, who he's identified as Jodi Segovia, is an employee with the department and is currently on restrictive duty due to an internal affairs investigation.

Meanwhile, the fight between Singer and the man was over by the time police arrived.

"I just don't like the fact that someone sits there and talks crap to me, and thinks they're going to talk crap to me. Do it on the dock," Singer said. 

In the end, no one was arrested, but Singer and his family were kicked out of the bar and banned for at least six months.


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