Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay helps kill 3 pythons in Florida, then cooks them

A celebrity chef got out of the kitchen to catch his next dish and help in Florida's fight against the python invasion.

"MasterChef" star Gordon Ramsay and his son recently joined one of Florida's most successful Burmese python hunters to kill three snakes along a canal in western Miami-Dade County.

The South Florida Water Management District said Tuesday that Ramsay's participation in the state's python elimination program was part of an upcoming segment for his latest show, "The F Word."

Ramsay and his son assisted snake hunter Kyle Penniston with all three kills.

The SFWMD said their kills bring the total number of pythons eliminated by the program to 317 in four months.

Penniston has killed plenty of snakes through the years -- he's credited with almost 30 kills -- but it was the first time he's ever eaten python, courtesy of Ramsay.

"What an honor to have my first taste of python cooked by chef Ramsay," Penniston said.

The SFWMD said the nsnakes eliminated by the program would stretch more than 2,000 feet long and weigh more than two tons.

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