How to take the best photographs during solar eclipse

Here is a list of tips from photography experts to help you memorialize the Aug. 21 celestial event: 


Basic tips

- Remember the solar eclipse is not safe to photograph with the naked eye. Wearing sunglasses is not enough protection during the eclipse. 

- Ordinary sunglasses or polarizing or neutral-density filters are not enough protection. 

- Do not use flash. Turn it off. 

- Switch your smartphone camera from auto shooting mode to manual. 

- Check if your smartphone  will let you adjust the focus and metering spots with your fingers. Drag down the exposure slider and get some test shots before Aug. 21. 

- Try to take a time-lapsed photo series as the light dims. 

- You can buy a zoom less attachment for a magnified image. 

-  For telephoto imagery is better to use a tripod to avoid the vibration of your hands. 

- Make sure your battery is charged at 100 percent. 

- If you are using a digital camera, make sure you have extra memory cards.

- To get jitter-free photos, use a sturdy tripod and place it lower to the ground. 

- Set the camera to its highest resolution.


Professional photo guides

Most of the photography that will be published will be taken with professional cameras on tripods and some will be shot through telescopes. 

- Mr. Eclipse prefers the Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. Remember that channeling the sun's rays through a DSLR viewfinder can damage camera's imaging sensors. Here is his guide

- Popular Mechanics' Michael Stillwell also recommends a  DSLR or mirrorless camera paired with a telephoto lens and a 2x entender or telescope. Here is his guide

- The NASA guide explains the effects of various focal lengths

- Outdoor photographer Lewis Kemper plans to have a second camera with a wider-angle lens set on a tripod with the timer set to take a picture every 15 seconds during the event. Here is his guide

- Nikon solar filters are available as either "full-aperture" and "off-axis" filters. Here is their guide

- Canon is holding workshops nationwide. Here is their guide

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