Thieves target Miami-Dade couple’s Honda Accord for third time

It has been less than a year since Jessica leased a 2017 Honda Accord – and in that time, her car has been targeted by thieves three times.

"You have to think every day when you wake up in the morning, 'Are you going to see your car?'" she said.

The latest incident took place Tuesday when Jessica, who did not wish to give her last name, said thieves stole rims off her silver Accord and left the car on bricks. 

The car's airbags have been stolen twice. 

"I think this is someone targeting not only just our car but Honda Accords themselves," Jessica said. "They're very nice (cars), and we think that's why they’re in high demand right now."

Miami-Dade police said Jessica's incident is the sixth car-related theft at her apartment complex since 2012.

Jose Abella, from Doral Auto Shop, said he’s had more than a dozen customers tell him that their rims had been stolen and that the universal Honda fit makes them an easy target.

"Some of the dealerships are putting the wheel locks on the car. Aside from that, people have to be vigilant where they park their cars in neighborhoods," he said.

Jessica says she’s tried that option and now expects more from Honda.

"Selling anti-lock rims is not solving the issue," Jessica said, adding that she wants a better solution to the problem.


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