ABQ mayor’s race tops $2 million


Will Keightley / Creative Commons

Albuquerque at sunset. (photo cc info)

Albuquerque’s mayoral contest is officially a $2 million race, setting the stage for the most expensive mayor’s race ever in the city.

Campaign finance reports filed last week show mayoral candidates have raised or otherwise accumulated $2,103,107 since the beginning of the year.

  • That figure includes $380,791 for Tim Keller’s publicly financed campaign.
  • $500,000 in loans to himself by Ricardo Chaves, plus $8,648 he’s contributed to his own campaign.
  • Dan Lewis has raised $355,254, which includes $90,477.56 he started the year with.
  • Wayne Johnson has raised $210,878.
  • Two other candidates, Michelle Garcia Holmes and Augustus Pedrotty, have raised $28,251 and $4,662, respectively.
  • Outstripping them all is Brian Colón, who’s raised $614,623 so far.

Not included in this report is Susan Wheeler-Deichsel who had yet to file her July report. These figures also don’t include in-kind contributions.

As of July 14, here’s what the candidates have in the bank:

  • Brian Colón: $517,540
  • Ricardo Chaves: $373,982
  • Tim Keller: $232,446
  • Dan Lewis: $192,589
  • Wayne Johnson: $187,008
  • Michelle Garcia Holmes: $27,590
  • Augustus Pedrotty: $1,987

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