Miami-Dade mayor announces he’s against tax increase

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced Tuesday his hold-the-line stance on taxes.

"I will not be recommending a tax rate increase," Gimenez said.

Miami-Dade's tighten-the-belt kind of mayor revealed his plan to fund another year of operations with the same tax rate. That includes fully funding the county's long-term transit plan, adding 25 officers to a force that's still short-staffed, keeping parks, programs and libraries up and running, beefing up Zika-focused mosquito control and county resiliency planning.

Among the funding challenges are state and federal cuts, and a November ballot referendum when voters could give homeowners a bigger homestead exemption tax cut -- a potential $50 million a year loss to the county.

"I'll vote for it," a resident named Jennifer said. "Absolutely. I am a homeowner, and I think we can survive, and we should, you know? This is a good exercise for government, every once in a while, to tighten your belt."

Gimenez has included reserves in this year's plan to begin preparing for the loss in tax revenue.

Click here to read the proposed budget.

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