Mob of Maduro supporters storms Venezuelan parliament

A mob of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro supporters stormed into the parliament to beat up lawmakers on Wednesday when the country was marking their independence from Spain. 

Lawmakers Armando Armas, Luis Carlos Padilla and Leonardo Regnault were bleeding. Americo De Grazia fell unconscious and remained in critical condition hours after the attack. 

"There have been nearly 100 youth who have died. A couple of punches are nothing," Armas said after the attack. "There are 20 idiots outside. We have more deputies in here and we are here to defend Venezuela. That's what we were elected for. What ever it may cost. Even if it's our life." 

Richard Blanco, a lawmaker with the Fearless People's Alliance party, said National Guard Col. Vladimir Lugo was responsible for the building's security. He and other opposition lawmakers attributed the attack to the leftist groups know as "colectivos."

Lugo "allowed the 'colectivos' with sticks, knives and fireworks to walk into the national seat of power," Blanco said. 

Julio Borges, the speaker of the assembly, reported that Nora Bracho was also among the injured, but managed to barricate herself in the chamber while the violence unfolded outside. She tweeted a video showing the blood that was left on the walls. 

About 5:45 p.m., the assembly announced on their Twitter account that there were 120 assistants, 108 reporters and 94 lawmakers trapped inside the government building. 

Maduro said he was not complicit in any act of violence. The attack comes after three months of government repression on protesters who are demanding elections. 

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