Pyro technicians, firefighters prepare for Fourth of July celebrations

As people are grilling and spending time with family and friends, plenty of excitement is building for the main Independence Day event -- fireworks.

Hundreds of fireworks were loaded onto several barges Monday off Virginia Key ahead of the Fourth of July, where the smallest of details matter.

"You are talking about thousands of shots, hundreds of shells," Gary Avins, of Firepower Displays Unlimited, said. 

The setup is in anticipation of what is sure to be a lively crowd at Bayfront Park on Tuesday night for a 15-minute fireworks display that will dazzle the Miami skyline and feature a surprise.

"These are totally unmanned barges," Avins said. "I've got a crew of about 10 guys working right now and this is all done remotely. There is no going on the barge whatsoever. It's safe and that's the best way to do it."

Firefighters have also been out across the country, making sure people don't get hold of illegal fireworks.
Crews swept a tent Monday in Miami Gardens off Northwest 27th Avenue to make sure only sparklers, poppers and fountain fireworks were being sold.

"We're sweeping throughout the county to make sure these vendors are selling legal fireworks," Ozzy Norat, of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, said. "The fireworks you get in your hand are approved and safe."

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