Missing paddleboarder found dead at Hobie Beach

A paddleboarder who was reported missing at Hobie Beach has been found dead.

Miami-Dade police said the body was discovered several hours after the man was reported missing Sunday evening.

People who gathered on Hobie Beach off the Rickenbacker Causeway remained fixated on the rescue effort -- a collaboration between Miami and Miami-Dade Police and Fire Rescue, as well as the Coast Guard.

"He fell down and didn't come out again," witness Juan Burgos said.

"(He was) a little bit scared," Lurdes Basurto said. "I think it was his first time."

Witnesses said it was around 7 p.m. when the man seemed unsteady on the paddleboard before ending up in the water.

"I don't know what happened, if he was nervous or what, but then he was next to the paddleboard," Basurto said. "I ran and told the other guys from the rental place. One of them called 911 and the other went out to help him."

"He went very nervous and desperate, moving his arms," Burgos said.

The paddle board the man used was taken back to shore.

Police have not identified the missing man, but said he's in his mid-20s and not from Florida. They said he went paddling alone and left his belongings with the staff at Sosup, where the paddleboards were rented.

"There's no reason why he wouldn't come back here if he was picked up by another boat or made it back to shore," Capt. Ignatius Carroll said.

It's believed the man was just beyond the buoy when he went under. The buoy is about 300 feet from the shore. Anyone who paddles beyond that point is required to wear a life vest.

Basurto said the victim was not wearing a life jacket.

"When you're out there -- even if you're the best swimmer -- it's good to have a life vest on," Carroll said.

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