Dangling power line in Riverside Park worries parents

A dangling power line in Riverside Park in Fort Lauderdale has area parents concerned for the safety of their children. 

Florida Power & Light said Thursday afternoon that an insulated temporary power line set up to provide electricity to the community center in the park is safe.

The underground FPL line, which serves as the main power source for Riverside Park, was not functioning properly, and therefore a temporary line was set up to supply power to the building until the main line could be fixed. 

A spokesman for the city said FPL confirmed that "the line is completely safe." 

However, some parents said they have been a bit uneasy because the live wire is dangling near a park and could have easily been mistaken for a rope swing. 

"It's dangerous," Stacy Mahler said. "It's ridiculous."

Mahler has told her daughter, Isabella, not to go near the line because it could kill her.

Oscar Reyes has also told his children to be careful and not to go near the line.

"It’s crazy. There's a park. There's all these kids. Can somebody fix this? The city?" Reyes said. "I mean, it's ridiculous."

About 30 minutes after Local 10 News began inquiring about the situation, Fort Lauderdale officials came to the park and placed a construction fence around the line.

FPL expects to have a crew on-site to repair the main line in the next few days. 

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