Witness testifies in shooting death of BSO deputy

Testimony continued Thursday in the trial of three men accused of gunning down a Broward Sheriff's deputy.

Roger Del Prado, a driver who picked up the suspects after that deadly ambush, took the stand during the latest heating and placed the accused near the scene of a shooting that left Deputy Brian Tephford dead. 

 Del Prado described to jurors how 28-year-old Eloyn Ingraham asked him for a ride outside an apartment complex in Tamarac back in 2006.    

He said the two knew each other in passing.

"He was sweating...  I asked him if he heard a noise, and he said that he needed to get out of the area. He said, ‘I need to go,’" Del Prado said. "They were putting stuff into a sheet and I couldn't see what they were putting in."

Tephford was shot dead inside his cruiser after pulling over a car that Ingraham was in with another woman. 

Prosecutors said Ingraham called 31-year-old Bernard Forbes and 29-year-old Andre Delancy to ambush Tephford and Deputy Corey Carbocci.

"I was in the driver's seat, Ingraham was in the passenger seat, Forbes was behind him and Delancy was behind me," Del Prado said.

 Del Prado testified an agitated Ingraham told him to keep driving when deputies tried to pull them over in the minutes after the shooting.

"The same thing he was carrying when he came up to the apartment, he unwrapped it and in there he had a gun," he said.  

Deputy Eric Wiener also spoke about the incident.

"The vehicle made several braking movements like it was going to stop, but didn't stop. It would hit the brakes s and go again," Wiener said.  

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