Triple shooting at Arium Resort in Pembroke Pines investigated

Detectives are working late into the night in Pembroke Pines, sifting for clues at the scene of a triple shooting that shut down busy Pembroke Road Sunday.

"This was pop pop pop, pop pop. It was just a lineage of just shots," Cary Tabares said.

Tabares lives in a neighboring apartment complex, but a stone's throw from where a gunman aimed and fired on a group of people -- an incident that sent witnesses scurrying.

"We saw some people trying to go over our fence here  because there's a fence that divides these two communities," Tabares said.

"They grabbed a ladder and they were using the ladder to get over onto this side, I guess just as an escape," Michael Kliger said.

Detectives told Local 10 News that a number of people had gathered for a pool party at the Arium Resort apartment complex. But as a small group walked to their car to leave, another white vehicle pulled out of the same complex and someone inside opened fire.

"One was shot in the neck, one was shot in the leg and other one was shot in the abdomen," Pembroke Pines Capt. Al Xiques said.

The victims got on the sidewalk as the getaway car, a white four-door sedan, sped away.

A Broward Sheriff's Office chopper was launched to help search from the air, but so far, the gunman's car with a group of men inside has not been seen since.

"We're just hoping that this is the end of it and we're hoping that they catch whoever it is," Tabares said.

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