Alligator scares residents in Cutler Bay

An alligator swimming in a small drain canal in South Miami-Dade's Cutler Bay neighborhood has many homeowners scared. 

The canal runs parallel to Sterling Drive from Southwest 97th Avenue and curves north to Eureka Drive. It connects to two larger canals that lead to Black Point Park and Marina and the Deering Estate. 

"Twice now this week we have seen this gator directly behind our house," Hillary Leigh De Napoli wrote on Facebook to warn neighbors. "Keep an eye on your pets or small kids playing in the backyards in the area."

Adrian Callutti said he fears the alligator is big enough to hurt his children. He estimates it's a 10-foot gator. 

"It''s dangerous I am not going to let them out here no more," Callutti said. 

Callutti and other residents notified the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.



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