Rodents, droppings found at Kendale Elementary School

An outraged parent called the Miami-Dade Health Department recently after she saw a rat running around inside her child's school.

An inspector showed up at Kendale Elementary School and also found a clear indication of a rodent problem.

"As I’m walking through the school, I saw a live rat running from a classroom into the teacher lounge," the parent, who asked not to be identified, said. "My daughter has come to me several times and has mentioned to me that she has seen them running through the classroom."

When the parent saw the rat, she took action.

"I nicely said something to the office, and that's when I decided the Health Department needed to be contacted," she said.

Based on that parent's complaint, an inspector showed up at the school and gave it an unsatisfactory report.  

The inspector wrote, "I observed rodent activity."

The inspector wrote that droppings and  evidence of gnawing were spotted in classrooms and storage closets in the main building.

The inspection report orders the school to clean and sanitize the floor and shelves from rat droppings and urine in the classroom of the main building, vermin-proof the exit doors, replace damaged ceiling tiles and eliminate clutter to prevent rodent burrowing.

The parent said she didn’t think the problem would have been solved had she not called the Health Department.

Principal Mary Ann Alonso sent out a robo-call to parents after finding out Local 10 News was working on a story, but the vague message never mentions rodents or droppings that were found in classrooms.

"The media may be reporting on the recent Miami-Dade County health inspection report, which cited deficiencies in a confined area of our school," the message said.

The message on the call caused the parent to raise an eyebrow.

"That's not a confined area.  I think it's a dangerous situation," the parent said.

Most of the parents and grandparents picking up their kids had no idea of the rodent issue.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools and school personnel took immediate action to correct the situation.

The statement to Local 10 News from Miami-Dade Schools said: "Miami-Dade County Public Schools makes every effort, including, but not limited to interior and exterior pest control treatment, to ensure school facilities are sanitary and that we adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness.

"We will continue to take proactive measures to mitigate any concerns related to school cleanliness." 

 Kendale Elementary School was reinspected and did get a satisfactory report, but the situation has parents on edge. 

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